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John Edwards john at cornerstonelinux.co.uk
Thu Sep 25 16:25:06 UTC 2014


On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 05:11:48PM +0100, Iain M Conochie wrote:
> <snip>
>> Debian has pushed out updates for wheezy (7), but I haven't seen
>> any updates for squeeze (6), yet!
> Aye - I have shutdown my squeeze webserver just in case.... Are
> there still updates for squeeze? I have not seen any for a while...

The old situation was that on a new release the previous stable would
become oldstable and then be supported for a year.

As Wheezy (Debian 7) was released in May 2013 this would normally mean
that Squeeze (Debian 6) would only be supported until May 2014.

But in April 2014 it was announced that support for Squeeze would run
for a 5 year lifetime and end in February 2016:

But ongoing security support is not done by the Debian Security team
(so packages releases may not happen at the same time) and you need to
use a different repository:

So to me that says there is some ongoing security support, but if you
have publically accessible servers you really should look to upgrade
them to Wheezy.

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