[GLLUG] booting problem

Jan Henkins jan at henkins.za.net
Tue Dec 1 13:35:28 UTC 2015

Hello Steve,

On 2015-12-01 09:45, steve taylor wrote:
> hi all,
> i have a problem with my system. Yesterday i spent all day messing
> around with vmware and virtualbox and now my system won't boot
> properly. It just hangs. Either it is a coincidence, or it is
> something to do with them.

Which version/variant of VMWare did you install?

> I use Mint 17.
> I can use Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go to a console but what do I do then?

It seems that your desktop system got blatted in some way. Could you 
please fo the following command, and send us the output? This assumes 
that you are using Cinnamon as your default desktop. If not, substitute 
"gnome" for "cinnamon".

dpkg -l | grep cinnamon

> I don't really want to reinstall the system.

You still might have to, which is not really such a hassle provided you 
have a seperate /home partition. To advise on this, send us the output 

cat /etc/fstab

Jan Henkins

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