[GLLUG] Fwd: Re: Anyone doing server login notifications?

Jan Henkins jan at henkins.za.net
Wed Dec 2 17:11:50 UTC 2015

Hi again,

I was so pleased with the simplicity of this particular way of 
monitoring logins that I have implemented it on all my personal servers. 
With a bit of lateral thinking I also managed to get it to work with my 
Pushover setup, so now I get push notifications to my mobile when a user 
log in to these machines. Brilliant! :-)

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 From: Jan Henkins <jan at henkins.za.net>
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Hello Leo,

Here is another recipe that makes use of rsyslog directly:


On 2015-12-02 14:00, Leo Francisco wrote:
> Thanks everyone. Loads of info for me to parse through there.
> All logins would be via public key SSH (non root users of course) and
> the email would be going to an external email address via SMTP. It's be
> nice to get it within minutes.
> It be great to be able to expand the email notifications in the future
> to cover any changes in the file system using Tripwire or something
> similar.
> I'll have a read through all the suggestions when I have time.
> Leo

Jan Henkins

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