[GLLUG] London Linux/podcaster meet up – Thursday Feb 26th at the Mulberry Bush pub near Waterloo station from 6pm

Matthew Copperwaite mattcopp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 21:03:24 UTC 2015

Looking forward to it.


On 11 February 2015 at 20:58, Joe Ressington <joeresspodcast at gmail.com>

> In celebration of Scott’s visit to the UK, we have decided to organise a
> meet up. Confirmed attendees so far are Scott Newlon (mintCast), me
> (mintCast/Linux Luddites), jesse  (Linux Luddites) and Matthew Copperwaite
>  (The Dick Turpin Road Show).
> The plan is to have a relaxed and informal evening of drinks and
> conversation. We’ve reserved a booth with a table that should be perfect in
> a really nice pub on the South Bank, a few minutes from Waterloo Station.
> Everyone is welcome so please spread the word!
> Directions to the Mulberry Bush:
> Leave Waterloo via the original main entrance in order to head towards the
> South Bank.  The main entrance is found by turning left after coming
> through any of the ticket barriers, and is at the far end of the concourse
> beyond platform 18, on the right next to the lost luggage.  Head through
> the glass doors and down the stone steps, if you find yourself on a bridge
> you’ve gone the wrong way, come back and look on your left for the glass
> doors.
> Once down the steps head to your left, cross some zebra crossings and
> generally follow what is likely to be the main crowd towards the traffic
> lights to cross York Road.  The aim is to stroll along Sutton Walk, the
> pedestrian walkway under the blue lattice bridge, towards the South Bank.
> Once under the bridge continue straight towards the Royal Festival Hall and
> you will shortly reach a T-junction with Belvedere road before you actually
> get to the hall.
> Turn right and walk along that road – this is the home straight, except
> it’s the longest section of the trip!  I’m afraid this part isn’t much to
> look at, you’ll pass the National Theatre, IBM and ITV and just when you
> think you’ve gone wrong, the Mulberry Bush will appear on your right hand
> side.
> To find the booth that we have reserved, walk to the end of the bar and
> look to your left.
> Hopefully see you there!
> Feel free to link to my blog post here:
> http://joeress.com/london-uk-linuxpodcaster-meet-up-thursday-feb-26th-at-the-mulberry-bush-pub-near-waterloo-station/
> Joe
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