[GLLUG] Paid help sought

Rob Bowman rob at artangel.org.uk
Tue Mar 24 16:00:48 UTC 2015


If anyone can suggest anyone who may be able to help, or a good place to find them, I’d be hugely grateful.

I am looking for someone to help me get an internet access point setup, in a domestic setting, which would 
effectively host a hotspot login.

Having researched it (from scratch, with no knowledge) I understand now that a possible solution is to get a
router set up running OpenWRT in order to use a commercial (pay-per-use) service. Because of lack of 
connectivity locally the router needs to reach the internet via a 3G dongle, preferably the one we have
on contract from Three (Huawei E3550). I’m imagining that I may need to get a new router with a usb port to 
plug it into.

Actually achieving the setup is beyond my skills. I work in the arts for a charity making art projects
and exhibitions. Getting this working will enable us to allow visitors to access sound files (the artwork)
on mobile devices, having first hit a login page for the hotspot we create.

I want to record here that I did begin to try! I learnt to get OpenWrt onto a router that I had, before I hit
the wall of not being able to get it to connect to the internet using the LuCI interface and being scared off
by command line configurations...

Because of this, I am willing to pay! And I don’t have loads of time (deadline a month away).

I’m in Central London (EC1).


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