[GLLUG] Seemingly Simple Question

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Mon Nov 2 22:58:28 UTC 2015

Heya all,

I'm planning to get a Thinkpad, possibly after Christmas as my old i5 
Macbook Pro is getting a bit rickety.

I'm thinking either a T410 or X220. The main goal would be a tough 
laptop that I could use for DJing and Music Production. Unfortunately 
this means I would have to run Windows on it (URGH UNCLEAN) to run some 
of the music software I rely. I would probably dual boot with Ubuntu 

Those two Thinkpads are a great choice as they have Firewire 400, which 
I need for my current audio interface. All very legacy.

My question is mainly, which one do people recommend for my use case? I 
do a lot of lugging equipment around the UK (and Europe), so that would 
push me towards the X220.

I've seen the more expensive X220 occasionally for sale with a i7 but 
the T410 with only an i5. My Macbook has a dual core i5 with 8GB of RAM 
and 1TB hybrid drive and has a similar form factor to the cheaper T410. 
Would there be a big performance gap between the i7 X220 and the i5 
T410? I will go for an SSD in either and a good trackpad is a must.

If anyone has any thoughts, preferences or suggestions, they'd be most 

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