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Leo Francisco lists at boywithwings.co.uk
Wed Nov 4 15:02:25 UTC 2015

Yeh I made a mistake, it seems X220 doesn't have Firewire which I will
most likely need for the time being.

Good to hear the T410 is working out well for you.

Superfish is awful. I think most sellers put their own clean install of
Windows on there as they're mostly refurbished. I'll check before I buy.


On 04/11/15 09:57, john at sinoda.demon.co.uk wrote:
> On 02/11/15 22:57:55, lists at boywithwings.co.uk wrote:
>> I'm thinking either a T410 or X220. The main goal would be a tough
>> laptop that I could use for DJing and Music Production. Unfortunately
>> this means I would have to run Windows on it (URGH UNCLEAN) to run
>> some of the music software I rely. I would probably dual boot with
>> Ubuntu Studio.
>> Those two Thinkpads are a great choice as they have Firewire 400,
>> which I need for my current audio interface. All very legacy.
>> My question is mainly, which one do people recommend for my use case?
>> I do a lot of lugging equipment around the UK (and Europe), so that
>> would push me towards the X220.
> Three T410 all running Debian (two Wheezy and one Jessie).
> Rock solid and reliable. Heavy!!
> The only problem we have is replacement PSUs which while cheap at
> about £8 have a habit of breaking just where the plug shroud ends. I
> know that is the weak spot and is always bending, but the original
> PSUs were better quality.
> Battery life is good and they are thrown about in backpacks, but I
> guess the X220 has better battery life as it is driving a smaller
> screen. The T410s has the 1.8" hard disk whereas the T410 is the 2.5"
> Like everything else it is going to be a trade between what you want
> and what you can make do with. Bigger screen versus heavier. I have
> not seen a X220T which is the one with the spinney screen that can
> work as a tablet.
> Like everyone else YMMV and you have to remember any shipped late last
> year could be Superfish infected if you are running that other OS.
> Although not hitting Thinkpad models Lenovo were responsible for the
> firmware Lenovo Service Engine which would phone home to report on you
> earlier this year.
> Would I personally buy another T410 - Yes, but I do not run Windows
> and they are cheap.
> regards
> John
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