[GLLUG] Friday Finking 2015-42

DL Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Fri Oct 16 19:25:44 UTC 2015

Do you use a F/LOSS (Linux) audio-video recorder and editor which you're
prepared to recommend to (me) someone who currently knows nothing of
making movies? I want to try making an Internet/Intranet-delivered
training video to train users in the use of a new GUI.
(I know we have Lives people here, but it seems very slick and aimed at
professionals who actually understand jargon such as "VJ")

The longer version:-

My ambition/Friday-finking is to make a demo/tutorial showing how to use
the new GUI front-end for a system.

Anticipated activities:-

0 jump into the system and 'record' my keystrokes and screen activity to
perform a unit of work

1 facilitate some sort of highlighting, eg when I use (as below:
instruct the viewer to use) the "submit button", that widget can be
highlighted somehow (just as pressing Ctrl on my laptop 'sonars' the
mouse pointer on the screen)

2 allow video editing/time-compression of sections of the above (eg
remove typos and speed-up slow data-entry)

3 enable addition of a separate (scripted) verbal commentary and

4 compile the lot into a H.264/WebM or similar HTML5/web-compatible
medium for 'delivery' from a web site/across an Intranet.

I have a web-cam available, but am not too fussed about my face
appearing as a 'talking head' (nor will you if you've seen it...)

Best that the package comes with decent docs, and demos or tutorials
suitable for a slow-learner (eating its own dog food!)

Platforms are CentOS/Gnome on desktop or Mint on laptop (but less RAM),
both with wide-screen - do any other aspects govern or influence choice?

Yes, like many training tools, I have a suspicion that doing this is
likely to approach the same length of time as building the GUI itself...

Please advise,

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