[GLLUG] Wifi router requirements for hosting Linux box on LAN

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Fri Dec 9 12:49:09 UTC 2016

We normally expect to support ~ 10 simultaneous active users per typical 
mid-range WiFi box, maybe 30 connections in total. We would put in say 
1-10 boxes per floor, depending (in commercial premises - less in 
domestic, 2 cover my flat for example, each Cat6'd to the gigabit 
switch). But this is just for access email etc, NOT video or heavy 

One client with heavy Spotify audio streaming for 30 users needs two 
fibre 80 Mbps just to support that :(




For security we do NOT ever use permanent integrated wifi/router, AKA 
'single point of failure' ;)

We use fibre bridge supported by BT -


- pfsense on dedicated hardware

- then wifi network VLAN'd if necessary (usually not in this scenario).

For 250 simultaneous users - you will need better than 1 fibre connection.

So perhaps these specs are a bit overstated? How many actual 
simultaneous users?


On 09/12/16 12:00, gvim via GLLUG wrote:
> I want to host a web app on a Linux box connected to a wifi LAN to
> service about 250 people in the same room which could be a large
> restaurant or pub. What router requirements should I be aware of before
> purchasing hardware? There will be an Erlang chat application running,
> some sound file uploads and maybe the odd phone video upload. I'm
> concerned about getting the right level of capacity on the router and
> what QOS I can expect with that number of users. The Linux box would be
> modest as that's not really a concern.
> Any router model recommendations would be very helpful.
> gvim
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