[GLLUG] Off Topic: WiFi access for the visually impaired.

John Southall john.southall at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Jan 29 12:41:34 UTC 2016

I know this is right off topic, but does anyone else squint a bit?
Libraries and internet cafés think that everyone has 20/20. I'm not bad, 
but I use a loupe to read a newspaper and give up after the first 
sentence. At home I surf and read PDFs on Mint Mate, a 24" screen and a 
big black pointer.

Before I take the wrong path, has anyone done it, or know of a project? 
For example does anyone use:

1. a laptop with a second screen for magnification. But will I be able 
to lift the bag?
2. a pair of linked Android tablets. I don't know how, but it would be good.

I am happy to bodge this myself, but where do I start?


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