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This was posted to the LHS mailing list and might be of interest to some.

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Hi all,

We have some funding available for people who have their own projects, mostly for digital tools/services with social impact.

I work for Outlandish, which is a co-operative of developers and designers. We're hoping to build something like a network of like-minded practitioners that would
make it easier to make a living while working on interesting projects. We're trying out a small funding programme both to assist good projects, and also as a
community-building exercise.

We're able to offer grants of £5,000 for teams or individuals in early stages of a project.

We're launching the project on March 15th with an informal event in London, at Newspeak House. We'd love to see you there if you are interested in the funding or
collaboration in this area.

Follow this link to get tickets for the event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/outlandish-fellowship-launch-event-tickets-21732204609
You can read more about our aims and criteria on our website: http://www.outlandish.com/fellowship/

Very best,

Aleksi Knuutila
Developer at Outlandish
+44 75630 89587

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