[GLLUG] Help for a newbie. Installing Ubuntu

Marcus Harriott marcusjharriott at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 9 21:15:54 UTC 2016


I am new  to GLLUG  - I hope I am not breaking the rules by sending  
this mail.

I was recommended to join your mail list by a Linux proselyter.  I am  
interested in moving to Linux  ( I have a mac right now) but I am not  
technically minded..........

I have a new unused  Lenovo 100S and a pendrive with ubuntu 14 LTS . I  
have been unable to install the ubuntu because Lenovo makes it very  
difficult  to do.( but if blogs can be believed it is not impossible)

Is there anyone out there ( Central London or Reigate or Watford) who  
could help me????

Many thanks
All good wishes

Marcus Harriot

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