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Ben Larcher benlarcher at gmail.com
Sun May 29 10:57:52 UTC 2016

Hello, (I am not a native English speaker, sorry if there are some mistakes)

I implemented a website www.alterkultur.org, on which I would like to

This site, collaborative, multilingual (English and French for now),
contains resources on the theme "Open source and handicaps". After a
meeting with a group of associations working on handicaps, I realized that
few resources were known ... Open source prosthesis, plugins, font for
dyslexics, there are many resources that make life easier! The site was
done voluntarily and I think it is important to know the many open source
resources on the subject.

So, if you have ideas on who to communicate it to, it will make my day !.
If you want to participate (translations, editing ...), it would be nice

Feel free to comment or criticize! Here is an overview below.



*Open source and handicaps*

Free licenses to make life easier

This site contains resources on the theme "Open source and handicaps". It
includes software, blueprints, operating systems, applications, ... that
can make life easier for people with disabilities.

Among the first 30 articles posted to launch the site, there is of course
software, but also a font for dyslexic or a map of the places accessible to
the disabled (Over 650,000 sites referenced on a website translated in over
20 languages). We also speak about Fablabs, where you can share blueprints
available under free licenses such as a cheap Haptic Feedback Vest,
articulated prostheses, bionic boots...The site is multilingual, already
translated into English / French, and collaborative. Adding new articles,
translations will be very welcomed! It can includes other topics such as
games, resource sites...

Have a good day !


Benjamin LARCHER
Association NĂ¢ga
02 85 52 31 22 / 07 81 41 36 96
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