[GLLUG] ISP - How slow is usefull?

John Southall john.southall at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Apr 10 22:26:47 UTC 2017

On 10/04/17 17:33, John Winters via GLLUG wrote:
> Curse marketing people and their tendency to hijack and mangle terms.
> Virgin Fibre (which is actually delivered over coax, not fibre) is a
> kind of broadband, but I notice that BT are now referring to ADSL as
> "broadband" and their FTTC offerings as "Infinity" so I presume you're
> considering moving from Virgin's coax solution to BT's ADSL?
Yes, I'm thinking of leaving Virgin "Fibre 20" for ADSL from either BT 
or Plusnet.

> What are you currently paying for Virgin's service?
£51.56/month for Fibre 20 and free phone calls in the evenings and weekends.
I also pay £1.75 for each paper bill, but please don't tell anyone.
>    A quick look at
> BT's web site indicates prices as follows (ignoring the introductory
> discounts):
> ADSL: £41/month
> FTTC: £47.50/month (capped to 52Mbps) or £54/month (uncapped)
> Is BT going to be that much of a saving?
> Radio should be fine at 1 Mbps, and probably YouTube too.
> I'm intrigued to see that (once one ignores the introductory offers) A&A
> are now actually cheaper for a basic ADSL service than BT.  They'll do
> it for you for £35/month - including a telephone line but no POTS
> service on it.
> Cheers,
> John
I suppose that if I go with A&A, I can use my mobile and Skype? Does 
anyone do this? Where's the catch?


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