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> The SSD in one of my desktop machines (the first one which I bought -
> Feb 2012) is showing signs of failure and so needs replacing.
> I could just but another SATA SSD and slot it in, but I notice that
> increasinly SSDs are coming in mSATA and m.2 formats, and there are
> adaptors available to PCI Express.
> Can anyone say what the pros and cons of moving to the new format are?
> Obviously it means you aren't taking up an SATA port, but is there
> anything else one should know?

The idea with m.2 and mSATA is that they take up less room, usually for the
purposes of fitting in a laptop while also being modular -- although in my
case, and in my Case, the m.2 slot is on the back of the Mini-ITX
motherboard which means I don't have to affix a (relatively) large SATA
disk somewhere and run SATA cables and power cables to it.

The idea is that m.2 is connected to the PCIe bus (although doesn't have to
be), meaning you're not limited to the 6 Gbit/s of SATA-III, but
potentially 31.5 GB/s.

Of course you need to buy an SSD capable of exploiting this, so the main
thing to look for is the disk speed in terms of Read and Write, and of
course the faster the disk the more expensive it will be, add to that the
IO wear rate you're concerned about.

A lot of this depends on your intended usage.


> Cheers,
> John
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