[GLLUG] Annotating video

DL Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 02:28:41 UTC 2017

Are you able to recommend a means of annotating or highlighting videos, 
with which you enjoy success, please?

I have been making screen-cast training materials (courtesy of earlier 
advice from 'here'). However, even with a low screen size/resolution and 
the largest mouse pointer-size, am noting that some trainees find it all 
too-easy to miss 'cues' and thus fail to maintain a connection between 
the commentary and the video, eg discussing whether to push the "Yes" or 
the "No" button, or perhaps which menu.
(yes it seems strange to us - 'computer people' - but then we've all had 
days spent staring out of the school-room window and 'missing' some 
pertinent advice from teacher only to wonder 'what's it all about?' 
later! This observation seems to relate to similar 'distraction', or 
maybe a lack of visual skills/familiarity with computer screens, and 
ultimately more serious sight disabilities)

What I am thinking about, is using my (old-ish) Wacom tablet and being 
able to provide emphasis by circling points at-interest, underlining 
items, drawing arrows, or similar.
NB I have little skill as an artist, but could manage such in The GIMP. 
Obviously, with video (cf 'stills') such annotations would have a 
'life-time': be drawn, be present, disappear/fade-out - or whatever.

I'm a neophyte at (Non-linear) Video Editing (using only the basics of 
Kazam and OpenShot). Thus, not sufficiently familiar to know the 
appropriate jargon for my long-winded explanation, nor whether such is 
best done 'in camera' or as part of the post-processing stage. 
Currently, I record the video separately from (most of) the audio and 
merge them together later; so as to be able to adjust the timing to mesh 
neatly. (and to remove the 'ums and ahs' which would undoubtedly 
punctuate an effort to record both simultaneously - per any number of 
bumbling, amateur-ish 'tutorials' on YouTube!)

My needs and ambitions are modest - more pedagogic/androgogic than 

The ageing dual-CPUs run Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64-bit with two 
wide-screen monitors. In addition to those previously listed, I might 
use Audacious for sound, VLC for playback (and HTML template-pages for 
in-browser delivery), Cheese for web-cam capture, as well as scanning, 
editor, and PM tools.
(like I say: quite modest and not keen on investing huge amounts of time 
in 'production' because the authoring task is already significant and 

Any and all advice from practical experience, plus an education in the 
keywords/search terms I should be using, will be much appreciated...


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