[GLLUG] OT - Boot order HP ML110 G6

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Fri Jul 14 09:25:41 UTC 2017

AFAIR this machine has a firmware RAID (Intel ICH) which needs a Linux 
driver added in on boot to use.

I've always either used a real hardware RAID or Linux md on these 
machines (we had lots of (preferred) ML115s and a couple of ML110s, for 
general duties).

I did once get the driver to work, but it's some years ago and I never 
used the driver in production.

If you did in fact use the built in RAID you must have added the driver 
to do so.

The current version (which probably will have issues) is I think here:


I'd go with Linux md myself, as others have commented... which means 
disabling the fake-RAID function in the BIOS and getting JBOD back.


On 13/07/17 21:29, Ken Smith via GLLUG wrote:

> It has had a Raid failure and I'm attempting to rebuild it with new 
> disks and restore my backup. Its ages since I built this machine (I know 
> its old) and I have completely forgotten the incantations I used to 
> install it in the first place.
> I have got the new disks in there and recreated the Raid array from the 
> Raid config in the BIOS. I'm now trying to boot the thing from a DVD or 
> from a USB stick. Its behaving as if the Boot order settings in the BIOS 
> don't have any effect as it seems to be trying to boot the blank raid 
> array and ignoring the other media. If I unplug the disks or switch Raid 
> off and let it see the individual disks it will boot from USB or DVD. 
> There is probably some setting I'm missing.
> One option seems to be to set up a pxe server and boot it that way but 
> I'm sure that's not what I did in the first place.
> Any pointers much appreciated.
> Thanks
> Ken

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