[GLLUG] A weird networking problem. Help!

Tim Woodall t at woodall.me.uk
Thu Jun 22 16:28:55 UTC 2017

I have the most bizarre networking problem and I'm struggling to think
what could possibly be causing it (other than a failing hack attempt by
the NSA or the like - I don't think I'd be interesting enough for anyone
to deliberately try to intercept my communications though)

The symptoms manifest as failing (outbound, haven't tried inbound while
it's happening) SSH connections. The SSH connections seem to fail to
anywhere.  But http and https connections to the same host work fine.
(and there's no MITM certificate interception happening). Running ssh
and telling it to connect to a non ssh service fails in the way you
expect. Running SSH to an ssh service "hangs" and eventually times out.

SSH connections fail even if I try to run them over a non-standard port.

The SSH connections are failing from multiple machines - initially I
suspected my laptop was playing up from the heat, but I switched to
another laptop that I haven't used for a while and that has the same

Rebooting the laptop helps for a short while. Rebooting the ADSL router
helps for a longer while.

I use a separate access point connected to a port on the ADSL router -
I've just switched that cable to a different point on the router and so
far ssh is still working.

I think it's got to be the ADSL router, but I cannot for the life of me
imagine what could be going on that's breaking SSH but not HTTP/HTTPS
other than some attempt at deep packet inspection that is (deliberately
or accidentally) causing SSH connections to fail completely. It's been
happening for about two days now.

If it happens again can anyone think of what tests I should do? I have
physical access to both ends of one connection so I can potentially log
the traffic at both ends. I can also change the port I'm using. (I
haven't tried doing ssh to port 80/443 but I might try that if
my cable move doesn't permanently fix the problem.

Although the problem is very annoying and breaks a lot of things I do,
the fact that it seems to only affect SSH connections is troubling.

I haven't (yet) tried an ipv6 connection. The endpoint I have access to
doesn't, currently, have ipv6 on it's external interface as I've never
gotten around to updating my firewall rules for ipv6. But I could try
without a firewall with a bit of config change.


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