[GLLUG] offsite backup recommendations?

Sharon Kimble boudiccas at skimble.plus.com
Sun Sep 24 10:29:30 UTC 2017

I'm looking for some offsite-backup using my fibre broadband connection.

Things I'm looking for -

- UK based,
  - pay in UK sterling and not dollars,
- linux compatible,
- ability to restore easily, from 1 file to 100+,
- can use a web interface, as well as command-line,
- secure,
- encrypted,
- ability to 'block-buy', meaning I pay for 1 year and get a discount,
- ability to backup through cron,
- able to keep 3+ versions of backed up file,
- can have unlimited storage, then I can backup my /home as well as
  possibly my /music,
  - /home currently about 250gb,
  - /music is about 857.97 gb.

I've got a synology server for general backups, but now I'm looking for
an offsite backup solution.

So what do other folk use, and what would you recommend please?

I've looked at amazon A3 - I don't understand their pricing structure,
crashplan for business - US based and bills in dollars,
safedatastorage - looks interesting, doesn't have prices quoted to get
an idea of them, spideroak - US based and bills in dollars,
backupvault - looks interesting but they don't seem to be able to cater
for linux, ditto backblaze, ditto carbonite, elastichosts - complicated
pricing, don't really understand it.

So what do other folk use, and what would you recommend please?

A taste of linux = http://www.sharons.org.uk
TGmeds = http://www.tgmeds.org.uk
DrugFacts = https://www.drugfacts.org.uk  
Debian 9.0, fluxbox 1.3.5-2, emacs 25.3.2, org-mode 9.1.1
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