[GLLUG] IT for the NHS and General Practices

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Sun Jun 24 17:35:18 UTC 2018

On Sunday, 24 June 2018 17:52:29 BST James Roberts via GLLUG wrote:
> On 23/06/18 10:03, Chris Bell via GLLUG wrote:> Is there any kind of
> > coordinated effort to introduce a world-wide, or at least UK-wide, common
> > standard system for both the NHS and independent General Practices? Is
> > there already any common standard system or framework that can be used
> > without the need for too much individual development?>
> > 
> > too many people appear to have their
> > heads in the clouds
> ...or 'the Cloud' as if that resolves any of the fundamental issues.
> But to comment on your main point, and the various despairing responses
> to it -- all of which square up with my own limited public and charity
> sector experience of IT imbecility:
> How about an open best practice site? Am I being hopelessly naive?
> (probably) but if one could start with some freely available guidance
> documentation, crowd sourced so it was doable before the heat death of
> the universe, and signed off/approved by people who know their IT?
> So that people could be pointed to it?
> Hopelessly idealistic as well I'm sure... but could it be done?
> MeJ

I think that is the intention behind GNUmed, although it may need to be 
adapted to suit the UK. I will have to try installing it to see what it does.
Chris Bell
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