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The 'good' people will tend to get jobs at 'good' organizations. 
Good people, if they find themselves in a 'bad' org. will move on.

A critical point is always reached where a org becomes essentially bad. In competitive business, this org dies or is killed.

In govt, it lives forever, gets bigger and sometimes tells the the 'good' what to do. Indeed the org actually attracts the 'bad' people who can get paid way more than they are worth for producing no value. This is where the UK is right now. Govt is corrupt, incompetent, broken and retarded at every level.

If you worked in government you would see this.

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 You're entirely right, but
 it's been my experience that middle management - the
 "subject matter experts" - don't stand up for
 themselves against conservative and often stupid senior
 leads to good advice being either ignored or not ever
 provided.  The boorish attitudes prevalent in the senior
 reaches of the Civil Service have also led to entirely
 stupid decisions.  
 Since the Civil Service largely run
 the country - irrespective of the colour of the government -
 little will ever change. When applying for a fairly senior
 post in an arm of the Civil Service, the interviewers were
 more interested in which Public School I attended rather
 than my actual qualifications for the job! It was at that
 point the I decided that I would stay in the private
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 > All public employees ( for they are not
 workers...) are retards.
 they are not. Please don't be so offensive towards
 people who
 work for the government.
 If you want counter examples,
 see GDS. They were responsible for
 the passport renewal service amongst a large number of
 other things. I renewed my passport this year,
 online, using a photo
 from my own phone, and
 the new passport turned up in 9 days. It was
 an excellent user experience.
 Sadly, changes at GDS have
 perhaps stymied any further good work
 may be able to do, and that's the typical story. I would
 to believe that there are some
 talented and hard-working people
 being let
 down by leadership and vested interests outside of their
 don't know how we expect anything to get any better if
 we just
 blanket label all public employees
 with a pejorative that does not
 belong on
 this list.
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