[GLLUG] IT for the NHS and General Practices

Marco van Beek mvanbeek at supporting-role.co.uk
Mon Jun 25 09:37:13 UTC 2018

Pubs close because we don't use them, the Brexit referendum was entirely 
fucked up by us not bothering to read the subject matter in anything 
other than the Sun and the Daily Mail; The railways deserved to be shut 
down in the 60's but we conveniently forget (or haven't bothered to 
read) the rest of the Beeching report report about replacing them with 
buses, which was never implemented: The weapons of mass destruction in 
Iraq were a smokescreen by Saddam as it was the only thing he had to 
stop Iran invading, so as long as they thought he had them, he was safe.

And how can you complain about paying too much taxi / rates and the lack 
of pothole repairs in the same sentence? One is the cause of the other.

There is no mileage in telling stories about how things worked, or 
didn't fail.

The only imbecile on this list is you. Get your head out of the tabloids 
and into a library. Start to read books instead of listening sound bites.

On 24/06/18 19:22, Marcus Harriott via GLLUG wrote:
> Hopelessly idealistic
> All public employees ( for they are not workers...) are retards. You are wasting your time. Everything the govt has ever done has been a cluster fuck. Just sit down tonight and think of one thing that you can really be certain the govt did not fuck up....
> Diesel cars???
> IT implementation??
> The referendum??
> The NHS in general?
> Skripal?
> Iraq war?
> Pothole repairs?
> Our shipbuilding industry - once the biggest?
> Our railways????
> Nuff said
> Im going down to the one of  the few pubs that have not closed because of rates , taxes, regulation   etc
> .....
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> On Sun, 24/6/18, James Roberts via GLLUG <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
>   Subject: Re: [GLLUG] IT for the NHS and General Practices
>   To: "Chris Bell via GLLUG" <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk>
>   Cc: "James Roberts" <j.roberts at stabilys.com>
>   Date: Sunday, 24 June, 2018, 17:52
>   On 23/06/18 10:03, Chris Bell via GLLUG
>   wrote:> Is there any kind of
>   > coordinated effort to introduce a
>   world-wide, or at least UK-wide, common
>   > standard system for both the NHS
>   and independent General Practices? Is there
>   > already any common standard system
>   or framework that can be used without the
>   > need for too much individual
>   development?>
>   > too many people appear to have
>   their
>   > heads in the clouds
>   ...or 'the Cloud' as if that resolves
>   any of the fundamental issues.
>   But to comment on your main point, and
>   the various despairing responses
>   to it -- all of which square up with my
>   own limited public and charity
>   sector experience of IT imbecility:
>   How about an open best practice site?
>   Am I being hopelessly naive?
>   (probably) but if one could start with
>   some freely available guidance
>   documentation, crowd sourced so it was
>   doable before the heat death of
>   the universe, and signed off/approved
>   by people who know their IT?
>   So that people could be pointed to it?
>   Hopelessly idealistic as well I'm
>   sure... but could it be done?
>   MeJ
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