[GLLUG] OT: secure router for home network

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Thu May 24 10:06:12 UTC 2018

On 24/05/18 01:05, gvim via GLLUG wrote:
 > What's currently the most secure router at a reasonable price for a
 > home network?

I am still inclined to recommend the MikroTik products, despite them 
having been linked with one vulnerability a year or so ago.  Even then, 
it required you to have left the default password unchanged *and* opened 
the device up to the big bad 'net.

The facilities which they offer are incredible, and you can make them as 
secure as you like.

Prices start at £21


And whilst that isn't going to give you the network performance or wifi 
coverage of a more expensive unit, it does still have the seriously 
powerful configuration options.  It's not comparable with any normal 
home router.

They also do updates for a very long time.  Because it's the same 
software on their professional heavy-duty routers and their home ones 
you benefit from a much more serious approach to security and 
long-lasting updates.


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