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On 25 May 2018 at 18:46, stuart taylor via GLLUG <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk>
> Have any of you any opinions on discourse, the discussion server?

Yup. Love it. For many years I've been a massive mailing list nerd,
shunning forums. Discourse changed that. We use it in Snapcraft
<https://forum.snapcraft.io/> Ubuntu <https://community.ubuntu.com/> and Ubuntu
MATE <https://ubuntu-mate.community/>. Snapcraft was hosted on Linode for a
while, and Ubuntu MATE one is on Bytemark. The Ubuntu one is hosted
internally at Canonical.

> If I install it I would want a low cost, or free preferably, test server
that can easily be canceled without any hassle if I decide not to continue
with it.

Can't really talk about costs because we host two ourselves, and the Ubuntu
MATE one is very kindly sponsored by Bytemark <3.

> It looks like DigitalOcean has some recommendations, and has an easy
deployment method, but I would prefer somewhere in the UK

Digital Ocean have a UK datacentre, so you can still host in the UK with
them. They're very flexible too, so you could spin one up and throw it away
at a moments notice with no problem, just paying for what you use. They
also have a "one click guide
detailing how to get it up and running. For a test server, that's probably
what I'd be inclined to do.

If it's for a community project, I'd look for sponsorship to keep the costs
down, if you can.

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