[GLLUG] VPNs (nearly off topic)

Peter Grant grantpe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 17:06:00 UTC 2018

On Thu, 1 Nov 2018 at 14:18, James Roberts via GLLUG
<gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
> On 31/10/2018 16:44, Peter Grant via GLLUG wrote:
> > I have two PFSense firewalls, one in the UK and one in Thailand. I
> > have a need encrypted networking between them (to protect
> > communication between Windows boxes).
> >
> > I've managed to get an IPSec tunnel established, but with major packet
> > loss over it (30% or so), which is obviously unworkable.
> We've been using pfsense for ten years + but are (planning on) migrating
> our infra to Opnsense, reasons not relevant here, contact me if you care
> to know :)
> But what is relevant is that Opnsense supports the beta Wireguard.
> Might be worth a try. I'm investigating it because my Spanish WI-max
> connection with reliable IPSec connection to my UK company has been
> discontinued by Telefonica and replaced with 4G modems, which are
> admittedly faster (don't care) but set up and break down and reconnect
> all the b*****d time and forget a fixed IP :)
> Wireguard is supposed to handle all this, IPSec most definitely does not
> (and OpenVPN is dog slow and doesn't really handle 4g either)
> I still am evaluating how to get it to work right mind you, but
> mentioning it Just In Case it is useful...
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Hi James,
Interesting and I'll certainly be interest in how Wireguard develops -
still seem early days but sounds promising.

Curious about the reasoning behind moving from PFSense to Opnsense -
I had looked at Opnsense when (eventually) replacing my Mon0wall at
home, but ended up with PFSense as matching the one's I use at work
has advantages.


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