[GLLUG] FTTP Information please.

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Mon Aug 5 10:04:40 UTC 2019

Transport For London have instructed BT Openreach to (re)move the cabinet 
which supplies my FTTC ready for road layout changes. My house is one of about 
100 in a line of semi-detached terrace blocks built around 1933 that is almost 
completely surrounded by new-build houses, flats, and huge tower blocks, all 
with Fibre To The Premises, so it may be cost-effective to replace FTTC with 
FTTP, and I have been trying to understand the various snippets of information 
about FTTP.

Customer Splicing Point is the junction between the external and internal 
fibres, probably external.

Internal Optical Network Termination (and Battery Back Up) provides 2x BT 
standard telephone outlets and 4x ethernet outlets.

This is shown linked to a Connection Provider Router, but what does that do? 
Does it just provide a WiFi connection, and possibly block connections 
originating from the internet? My house is wired, with the VDSL modem output 
connected to my own firewall-router, and normally the first thing I do is turn 
off WiFi from my modem, so is it really required? The expected location for 
the Optical Network Termination would not be the best location for WiFi, so if 
it really is required it would probably be on the end of a Cat6 extension.

My current ISP can only provide FTTC with IPv4, so I would need to get a new 
contract, preferably with static IPv4 and static IPv6, but trying to get 
information from BT about what they would provide is akin to extracting blood 
from stone. BT Openreach just refer me to my ISP, who may only be able to 
confirm any possible switch.
Chris Bell
Website http://chrisbell.org.uk

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