[GLLUG] Free to a good home

Tim Woodall t at woodall.me.uk
Mon Dec 2 09:04:03 UTC 2019

I have two old via fanless mini-itx motherboards that will otherwise end
up in landfill.

One is PATA only, the other has a SATA port.

Both have 1GB Transcend flash modules plugged directly into the primary
IDE port that they boot from.

1GB memory module installed.

One runs 686-pae kernel, the other 686 without pae.

2x250GB pata drives (I thought I had more and if they turn up then I'll
include them too)

Dual slot PCI riser - and I should have some PCI network cards - again I
couldn't find them last night.

Both have pico-psu plugged in to run fanless from 12v dc (no power
supply included) If you would run them from a standard atx power supply
then I'll keep these as they're the one bit I might potentially reuse.
(There's a risk that removing them might break something - I suspect
these have been plugged in from new and I have no way to test without

There is no case and I have the backplane shield only for one of them.
If you don't want to use the riser then you can stand them on anything.
With the riser you'll need a case or other way to support things.

I used them as firewalls many years ago.

They are currently booted (have been up all night wiping the hard disks)
and the onboard network port is working. I have no idea how stable they
might be under load - they've been gathering dust for years!

I'll also include ps2 kvm switch box and ps2 keyboard (motherboards also
work with usb keyboard). I have two other kvm switches, one still in its
packaging that are available to anyone who wants them.

Collection london z1 near spitalfields market (or canary wharf bank
street during office hours) or I will ship for the cost of postage but
if they're DOA or lost in the post then I won't refund.

(They are unusable without a powersupply. 12v 5.5mmx2.5mm. They're low
power so with a splitter can both be run from a single 5A psu or will
need 2x atx supplies.)

No warranty.


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