[GLLUG] JetDirect printer problem was GLLUG Digest, Vol 239, Issue 2

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Sun May 5 06:35:06 UTC 2019

On 04/05/2019 22:34, nickmount91 via GLLUG wrote:
> Yes, but not wireless. The JetDirect box should allow me to remove the cable to the broadband hub.


>> I wouldn't worry about where it's stored. Simply use the management
>> interface (accessible via a web browser at http://localhost:631) and
>> change the connection settings for the newly set up printer instance.
> I have done this, changed the driver and got it working.


I take it then you are now printing over your network?  Your computer
communicates via your broadband hub to the printer and it all works?

The link between computer and hub is presumably WiFi, whilst the link
between hub and printer is now wired.

> The main problem is how to lose the cable between the JetDirect and the broadband hub?

Between the JetDirect and the hub, or between the printer and the hub?

This should now be purely a networking issue - nothing to do with print
drivers or anything like that.

As your printer and your JetDirect have separate NICs, they will
presumably be allocated different internal IP addresses by your hub
(assuming that is doing your internal DHCP address allocation.)

Work out what address is being allocated to the JetDirect (I think you
mentioned this back at the beginning of the thread) and then use the
CUPS web interface to change your working printer instance to send to
that address instead of to the printer's own IP address.

Once that is working, the cable from hub to printer should be superfluous.


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