[GLLUG] Samba security was Re: GLLUG Digest, Vol 239, Issue 3

James Roberts j.roberts at stabilys.com
Mon May 6 22:43:43 UTC 2019

Hi again.

>>> And there are the security problems using Samba.
>> Curious what those would be?
> ETERNALBLUE for one. Passing stuff in cleartext for another. There are various other documented exploits.

ETERNALBLUE is an SMB exploit not Samba, and patched in Samba in 2017.

I'm not aware of any current documented exploits for Samba that are 
unpatched -- but then I wouldn't be would I?

I wouldn't worry about any of them anyway on a secured and continuously 
updated network. Nothing protects against 0-day, but the laws of random 
are on our side as to being the first infected. I hope.

In your case it's moot anyway, Jetdirect=/= SMB

Couldn't you just get a more modern printer? Jetdirect was developed in 
1991, it's always been a PITA and I'm glad to see the backside of it...

It's nice to re-use stuff but I've given in, at 68 my time is limited :)

Wifi printers are available for less than the cost of an ink set 

Cheers. Best of luck with it...


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