[GLLUG] Aliases with Debian Exim4

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Thu May 16 19:15:25 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 16 May 2019 19:10:45 BST John Winters via GLLUG wrote:
> On 16/05/2019 18:52, Chris Bell wrote:
> > On Thursday, 16 May 2019 18:01:57 BST John Winters via GLLUG wrote:
> >> Hi Chris,
> > 
> > In fact, even chrisbell is an alias for my real username, and that
> > definitely works. However I have created several usernames, including
> > names which appear in /etc/aliases, each has an identical
> > /home/username/.forward file, and it is only the ones also listed in
> > /etc/aliases that appear not to work. There is a suggestion about using
> > procmail, but I have not found any part of the configuration that
> > actually blocks the file, although mail to root is blocked. Editing
> > /etc/aliases to avoid the normal alias to root followed by an alias from
> > root to a real user did nothing. I have even tried chgrp to Debian- exim.
> > The mail server should be happy to accept mail addressed to either its own
> > local address (rp35.lo3), chrisbell.org.uk, chrisbell.uk, or
> > chrisjbell.plus.com
> Eliza - is that you?

No, I get huge amounts of junk sent to port 25 which is often a relay attempt 
with any "name at my.domain" somewhere within the header, in other cases it is 
not even SMTP. In both cases it is immediately rejected by the mail gateway, 
and the mail server does not even know it existed.
I get a detailed report if it is junk sent to a real user, including reasons 
for rejection. 

Chris Bell
Website http://chrisbell.org.uk

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