[GLLUG] Internet Utopias Survey

Christian Fuchs christianfuchswmin at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 16:57:26 UTC 2019


As part of an AHRC research network, I conduct a survey about 
Internet/media utopias.

In the time of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and fake news, we 
experience a crisis of Internet platforms. Many people think we need 
Internet and media utopias today. But how could they look like?
Indivduals engaged in the free software community might have good 
ideas...  I want to invite you to participate:


Answering will take about five minutes. A number of participants with 
very visionary ideas will be invited to a workshop in 2020 in London, 
where participants will work on co-writing/co-authoring an 
Internet/Media Utopias Manifesto.

Kind regards, Christian Fuchs

Prof. Christian Fuchs
University of Westminster,
Director of the Communication and Media Research Institute

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