[GLLUG] Webcam on Linux

Andrew Black andrewdblack at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 17 23:51:10 UTC 2020

My laptop webcam has broken, and I dont have the energy to get it fixed
under RTB warranty.
Are there any gotchas about buying for linux (ubuntu 18.04).
More specifically

   - Quality - doesn't have to be much better than built in one. Not
   planning on recording publishable videos
   - Mounting on tripod is important. On the monitor is at the wrong angle
   and too close.
   - Not too bothered about microphone

Human side. Initially I thought no webcam had advantages for zoom and the
like but over the weeks I have found I get left out. "Put your hand up if
you want to speak".

I am pretty sure it is a hardware issue. I have tried a 20.04 live USB and
that fails.

One site says Support multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac
OS, Android Smart TV, etc.
I would like something a little more definitive than "etc".

Andrew Black
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