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Andrew Black andrewdblack at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 28 22:08:07 UTC 2020

> I've had good results with the Microsoft branded ones. Some have a
> tripod mount. They speak "USB UVC", and so don't require any
> addition

Delayed thanks to everyone. The webcam mysteriously started working again
so I have lost interest in an immediate replacement !  Still have a slight
suspicion it is a software issue - an update broke it then fixed it.  But
my wife has same laptop with Ubuntu and hasn't seen problem. And uses a
webcam more than me. Alternatively it is a loose connection or similar. So
it has given me time to decide if I am going to use a standalone webcam
more than twice. I have a shelf full of gizmos that seemed like a good idea
at the time.

Good that Webcams are almost always to the standard. Unlike printers ....

Regarding mics - learnt the hard way that built in mics are crap "cant hear
you x 10".... plug in moderate standalone mike "that is a lot better". I
have a mic intended for a audio sender (device that my mother was meant to
use to pick up sounds when hearing aids aren't appropriate. But it was too
complex for her.

I worry slightly about *Noise cancellation*. Can you turn it off. My
experience is that clever software/ firmware techniques are good (ok) for
speech but can be bad for music. Owning up to my age, this is my experience
with hearing aids. Amplify sounds that are meant for understanding
consonants but mess with harmonics of violins and pianos.
I've had good results with the Microsoft branded ones. Some have a
tripod mount. They speak "USB UVC", and so don't require any
additional drivers on Ubuntu 18.04.
On Thu, 18 Jun 2020 at 19:03, Dave Lambley <dave.lambley at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Jun 2020 at 00:51, Andrew Black via GLLUG
> <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
> >
> > My laptop webcam has broken, and I dont have the energy to get it fixed
> under RTB warranty.
> > Are there any gotchas about buying for linux (ubuntu 18.04).
> > More specifically
> >
> > Quality - doesn't have to be much better than built in one. Not planning
> on recording publishable videos
> > Mounting on tripod is important. On the monitor is at the wrong angle
> and too close.
> > Not too bothered about microphone
> >
> > Human side. Initially I thought no webcam had advantages for zoom and
> the like but over the weeks I have found I get left out. "Put your hand up
> if you want to speak".
> >
> > I am pretty sure it is a hardware issue. I have tried a 20.04 live USB
> and that fails.
> >
> > Ps
> > One site says Support multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac
> OS, Android Smart TV, etc.
> > I would like something a little more definitive than "etc".
> al drivers on Ubuntu 18.04.
> Hope that helps.
> Dave

Andrew Black
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