[GLLUG] Intro and network drive

Davide Giannella davide at apache.org
Sat Mar 21 22:17:53 UTC 2020

Good evening,

after 10+years I'm back on the penguin. Back in the days I used to be
an active member and founder of a LUG in Italy. From which I learned a
lot and gave back.

Intro over, here's my current problem and hopefully is the right place
where to ask. I bought 3-4 months ago a dell xps with ubuntu on top.
I'm trying to mount a Lacie Network Space Max 2 plugged via eth and
usb-c adapter. However, while I was waiting for nautilus to
autodiscover, it never happened.

I can't find the dmesg any more as it was some days ago and I don't
have disk at hand to try.

Any suggestions for starting?

I remember I mounted the same drive on a MBP+Debian(or Ubuntu) many
years ago but I can't really recall how.

Thank you

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