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> On 12/11/2020 11:44, Chris Bell via GLLUG wrote:
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> > My ISP Plusnet has failed to provide IPv6 as promised,...
> My recent experiences of Plusnet by way of people using them have all
> been bad.  Since the BT takeover they seem to be engaged in a determined
> rush to the bottom.
> Just save yourself infinite amounts of grief and switch to Andrews and
> Arnold.  Chalk the unused bit of your existing contract up to
> experience.  (And I'm fairly certain you were given this advice many
> years ago - why on earth are you still with Plusnet?)
I have heard great things about Andrews & Arnold, but have not personally
used them.
I am currently with Zen Internet. zen.co.uk.
After joining them, they say you need to send them an email and IPv6 is
then enabled.
It worked, I am using IPv6 seamlessly with zen.co.uk.
At least https://test-ipv6.com/  says so.
Zen are reasonably priced and have responded to any support questions I had
in a reasonable amount of time.
Even to the point of them telling me that I would get exactly the same
speeds on a cheaper tariff which I of course switched to. !!!

If Plusnet promised IPv6, and are not delivering it, that is probably
breach of contract, and you should be able to exit that contract without
penalties and try an ISP that works.

Kind Regards

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