[GLLUG] Debian network interface boot configuration

Henrik Morsing henrik at morsing.cc
Sat Jan 30 16:34:54 UTC 2021

Good afternoon all. 

I've got an annoying problem I have been battling for years, but because it's a boot problem and I only boot this once or twice a year (or less), I've come to live with it and just sort out the networking manually after every boot.

I've got various issues depending on how I setup 'interfaces' (I'm on latest Debian) but booting up today, my virtual interface was missing its IPv6 address. I've tried to follow Debian's guide, but my setup isn't very standard, so not easy to match exactly.

As said, today's boot was fairly close, the virtual interface stanza is:

iface eth3 inet static
        pre-up ip link add eth3 type dummy
        address 2001:8b0:3a9::101/48

The interface itself actually came up unusually, but no address was added. Any idea why?

Here's a link to my interfaces file:


And here's the setup it resulted in:


For a second I thought it needed an 'up' keyword, but trying that still left it down. And also, it actually works fine after adding an address, even if it says down.

Any ideas out there?


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