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Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Sun Jul 18 11:21:46 UTC 2021

On Sunday, 18 July 2021 11:03:06 BST John Winters via GLLUG wrote:
> On 18/07/2021 10:33, Chris Bell via GLLUG wrote:
> [snip]
> > Is there a cost involved in providing a static address, or are UK
> > customers
> > considered to be incapable of safely using a static address? Perhaps it
> > just allows them to charge extra for a "business" broadband.
> Back in the days of dial-up, providing a fixed IP address was quite a
> hard problem to solve, given that each time you dialled in you almost
> certainly came in on a different modem/port.  Most ISPs simply assigned
> an IP address to each port and thus that's what you got.  Demon went to
> a lot of trouble to switch the routing around for each customer and thus
> give you a static address.

Yes, I joined Demon dial-up, but obtained my own domain name then left when 
they were sold.
> I suspect that that problem no longer exists, so it's probably just a
> mechanism to differentiate between cheaper and more expensive packages
> anyway.
> Just another reason not to use BT as an ISP.  Go to a serious provider
> and save yourself infinite amounts of hassle.
> John

I paid a single one-off £5.00 for a static IPv4 address but no IPv6 from 
Plusnet (now owned by BT), but am less bothered now as my websites and
emails are handled by Mythic-Beasts, with CA certificates, and a low total cost 
including the Plusnet charges.

A friend living in a Grosvenor Estate flat in Westminster is now delighted to 
have the output of a RaspberryPi on his 40 inch TV with full fibre to the flat 
provided by CommunityFibre at £24.00, less an agreed discount because he is 
96. He has a address but I have yet to discover whether his 
IPv6 address is actually static.
Chris Bell
Website chrisbell.org.uk

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