[GLLUG] IPv6 addresses

Tim Woodall t at woodall.me.uk
Mon Jul 19 10:26:06 UTC 2021

On Sun, 18 Jul 2021, Chris Bell via GLLUG wrote:

> My sister has a relatively new domestic BT broadband connection. The IPv4
> address was expected to be dynamic despite BT claiming to have sufficient IPv4
> addresses, while the IPv6 address so far has had a static /48 but dynamic /64.
> Is there a cost involved in providing a static address, or are UK customers
> considered to be incapable of safely using a static address? Perhaps it just
> allows them to charge extra for a "business" broadband.

I'm not completely sure how you have static /48 but dynamic /64. Can you
not assign yourself a fixed /64 from the /48 if that's what you want?

If you're going to be publishing the /64 in DNS somewhere then
<48-prefix>:0000::/64 would probably make sense. If you're not then some
random 16 bits might make more sense.


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