[GLLUG] Best NIX-based router/software for a small business network

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Mon Jun 14 15:57:44 UTC 2021

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> On 2021-06-14 15:42, gvim via GLLUG wrote:
> > With ransomeware becoming a threat to both small and large businesses
> > I'm inclined to advise small businesses to change their router as a
> > first line of defence. What is currently the best NIX-based
> > router/software? pfSense?
> If I was installing such a thing at a customer site I would first
> suggest a reasonable off the shelf product rather than a custom built
> black box.

I have run pfsense very happily at work (and home) for many years - it's
nicely comprehensive and easy to use. Netgate (owners of pfsense) make some
devices with pfsense preinstalled, which I can't speak from much experience
with. Until we moved office and I got the budget to replace it, we have an
old Pentium dual core Dell desktop running pfsense.
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