[GLLUG] Unused server kit giveaway

gvim gvimrc at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 20:48:09 UTC 2021

I have 2 unused Chenbro RM1705 1U chasis's and an Antec Black Titan 650 server case if anyone wants them. The Antec and one of the Chenbros each contain:

2 x Opteron 250/2.4Ghz			
Tyan Thunder S2881G2NR			
8 x 512Mb PC3200 ECC 400Mhz						
RAIDCore BC4852 card			

The Chenbro additionally contains:

Slimline CD-ROM			
Slimline Floppy			
Riser card for RAID controller			
5 blowers
2 Heatsinks + fans		

Old spec but the cases are probably still useful. The Chenbros were never used and the Antec had limited use. If interested in the job lot contact me, Garry Heaton, on 07794 597076. I'm based in Bounds Green, north London.


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