[GLLUG] Using IPv6 addresses with Debian

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Thu Mar 11 15:14:51 UTC 2021

IPv6 is designed so that a single address can be allocated to multiple 
interfaces, for example in a round-robin, and a single interface can have 
multiple addresses.
I am using Debian 10 Buster on various computers including RaspberryPi and find 
that I can manually add addresses to a running computer, but if I attempt to 
configure multiple addresses only the last is accepted, and all but one is lost 
after a reboot. However I have used crontab as root to
"@reboot root ip address add " multiple addresses to a single interface which 
has worked until aptitude updated some raspberrypi computers without doing a 
reboot, and they forgot all but one IPv6 address. I now receive an error 
message "/bin/sh: 1: root: not found"
man crontab tells me to add "-u " before the user, but then I receive a 
message "illegal instruction".
I have also tried to add a daily reminder about the addresses via crontab, but 
still get the same messages.

I have yet to try Debian 11 Bullseye, but the RC1 might be available soon.
Chris Bell
Website http://chrisbell.org.uk

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