[GLLUG] Power control over IP

stuart taylor stuart.taylor at linuxmail.org
Sat May 29 15:19:04 UTC 2021

Hi all,

During the past 15 months I have managed to change various things involving our systems, for the better I think. We have also gained various part time volunteer admins, who are very good, mostly better than I am. One of them showed me how he could power down his servers remotely over IP, and restart them again. This looks very useful as we are spending less time at the building and mostly working from home. I have previously managed to obtain a cabinet, for our servers, change the lock for a padlock based system and restrict the key holders to a few people. This means switching servers on, or off, is better controlled, but also makes it more difficult for the admins to reboot when they are at home. Can anyone point me towards a suitable 'power supply over IP' solution? Are there any drawbacks to using these?


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