[GLLUG] irssi and ssl

Andy Smith andy at bitfolk.com
Tue Nov 16 15:14:45 UTC 2021

Hi Henrik,

On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 08:26:03AM +0000, Henrik Morsing via GLLUG wrote:
> Same for Libera:
> 08:25 -!- Irssi: warning Could not verify TLS servers certificate: unable to get
>           local issuer certificate

Sorry if I've missed this in the thread, but what version of Debian
is this?

On Debian 8 I found I had to disable the mozilla/DST_Root_CA_X3.crt
to force usage of the other Let's Encrypt root. I did that by doing:

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates

then de-selecting mozilla/DST_Root_CA_X3.crt

Updating certificates in /etc/ssl/certs...
0 added, 1 removed; done.

I then was able to connect to things with a Let's Encrypt cert.

That was for web services though; I don't use any Debian 8 machines
for connecting to IRC. On the more recent Debian host that I use for
IRC I have no problem connecting to libera or aachat with TLS.


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