[GLLUG] adroid alternative

aidangcole at btinternet.com aidangcole at btinternet.com
Sun Apr 17 11:54:36 UTC 2022

Jolla-devices have a range of pre-loaded and ready to go devices on 
different platforms including

Very convenient if you find the prospect of flashing a device with your 
own OS a bit too daunting  -  https://buy.jolla-devices.com/

Similarly /e/ will sell you pre-loaded ready to go devices - 

Personally I tend to flip between a handful of devices on different 
I happily use a Samsung S9+ running /e/, a Pixel 3a running Graphene, a 
Sony Xperia running Sailfish, all as daily drivers as and when the mood 
takes me. (I just move the sim card into which ever one takes my 
fancy).  Performance on all of those is very good, long battery life and 
all very stable.
Whilst the /e/ build comes with it's own curated (and quite extensive) 
app store, I can also recommend F-Droid for any additional or 
alternative apps, and if you do have a desire to get at g-apps as well, 
there is always the Aurora store as well.
If I had to choose the nicest to use, then I would say Sailfish due to 
the way that everything feels integrated with the platform itself. By 
comparison 'droids (even the free ones) look and feel fragmented and a 
bit disjointed somehow.  Sailfish offers a good range of curated apps, 
plus you can just load apps (rpm's) from https://openrepos.net/  or you 
can run Docker and install your additional apps in containers.


On 17/04/2022 12:10, MJ via GLLUG wrote:
> > Hi. There is another phone that is worth checking out in my opinion
> <However the request was experiences in practical use and feedback from.>
> I Think you should ditch Debian constraint and choose PIXEL and get it 
> flushed
> with Graphene, or choose a phone and flush it with LineageOS.
> That is if you really do not mind some tinkering.
> I use F-Droid with Lineage and can not say I need Google for anything.
> But then I may be asocial. OsnAnd for driving and MTB trails. Ba'ab is 
> your uncle.
> Better one, get dual sim phone and do the same. But then who am I to 
> give advice.
> Just another ADD, without much motivation to do anything.
> --
> MJ

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