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aidangcole--- via GLLUG <gllug at mailman.lug.org.uk> writes:

> You have a bit of choice:-
> Linux based:-
> Pinephone, (will allow you to run a choice of different Linux based 
> offerings)
> Sailfish - https://sailfishos.org/  with offerings from Jolla - 
> https://shop.jolla.com/
> Volla - https://volla.online/en/index.html
> Then there's the android based things but without the google 
> spyware/malware:-
> Lineage - https://lineageos.org/  - this is very much a case of rolling 
> your own
> /e/ or Murena - https://e.foundation/  - very polished, competent and 
> stable build that leaves you in charge - uses Micro-G service for the 
> apps, but pretty much what you need will be good to go right out of the 
> box.  Wide range of hardware compatibility. Free cloud services offering 
> too which is based on Nextcloud.
> Graphene OS - https://grapheneos.org/ - a miliary-grade 'droid right out 
> of the box that also leaves you in charge. Doggedly reliable, only runs 
> on Pixel hardware.

I notice (via planet.debian.org) that Matthew Garrett just blogged this
counter-example of something that looks like it probably ought to be on
the above list ... until you scratch the surface:


which is saying that Freephone (and it's ClearOS) don't live up to their
privacy/security claims by quite some distance.

Cheers, Phil.
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