[GLLUG] Direct Fibre To The House

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Mon Aug 29 10:40:15 UTC 2022

BT have no scheduled plans to bring FTTP to many areas, including the west 
London area where I live, but coverage is being offered by other suppliers. It 
is cost effective to connect entire specific areas, which results in little 
choice of supplier. My house is in a small isolated line of terrace blocks 
sandwiched between a busy main road and a mainly industrial area, and I have 
been told that CommunityFibre.co.uk plan to provide a service eventually, but 
with no estimate on when.
My sister has domestic FTTH with VOIP telephone replacement provided by 
CommunityFibre.co.uk which includes a dynamic /48 IPv6 and an IPv4 over IPv6 
tunnel. The Linksys Velop WiFi unit supplied (Cisco sold the brand name to 
Belkin) then distributes just the first /64. The Analogue Telephone Adapter 
(ATA) stops if more than one telephone is connected, so several old phones had 
to be replaced by a new DECT system. There are no restrictions on incoming 
telephone calls, but outgoing is limited to only non-premium UK destinations. 
The fibre connection has been almost faultless but has required total power 
cycles to restore connection on two occasions, and there have been three 
different IPv6 prefix blocks in less than 6 months. Commercial customers pay a 
much higher price but get a very different set of terms and conditions. I am 
long since retired, and not running a business.
RIPE.net published their "Best Current Operational Practice" for providers 
requesting a static /48 for all, or a minimum static /54.
There are many full fibre suppliers, so is this the normal for UK domestic 
customers? Many domestic customers have no idea about IP addressing, and are 
used to having a single dynamic IPv4 and NAT. An IPv6 dynamic /48 allocation 
appears to me to make no sense, but introduces direct access restrictions 
affecting security monitoring, CA certification, etc. Are other VOIP providers 
able to connect a dynamic address?
Chris Bell
Website chrisbell.org.uk

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