[GLLUG] Direct Fibre To The House

aidangcole at btinternet.com aidangcole at btinternet.com
Mon Aug 29 19:16:56 UTC 2022

On 29/08/2022 18:32, Chris Bell via GLLUG wrote:
> I can have a look.
I heartily recommend it.
> At the moment I just have basic FTTC with a single static IPv4 address.
> A domestic FTTH would cost less than half what I am paying now.
> If I end up with a dynamic IPv6 address block my system would need to
> automatically confirm the current prefix frequently. I could route everything
> through an external static address or domain, but would need to pay extra for
> the data transfer, so it may be cheaper to pay around five or more times the
> domestic price for a basic commercial connection.
> I am well past retirement and not running a business, so am reluctant to pay a
> premium when RIPE.net say that there is no shortage of IPv6 addresses, and
> providers should always supply a static address block.
Sometimes I for one find that I need to find a way to drive-around 
For what it's worth, I retired in 2006 (mind, I still don't know what I 
want to do when I grow-up;-)  )
> I am not responsible for the current general lack of education, and do not
> consider it to be a valid reason why it should hinder future progress when IT
> and computing are now a part of the curriculum. Yes, many kids are more
> capable than their parents, and would like to do more than I can dream of.

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