[GLLUG] Booting biosboot

Henrik Morsing henrik at morsing.cc
Mon Mar 7 09:13:12 UTC 2022

Good morning,

I have installed CentOS on the latter half of a disk in an old lpatop, where the first half conatins Ubuntu.

The CentOS install, after booting, did not appear to have altered or re-installed a boot loader. 

I've read the CentOS manual, which just says you need a biosboot partition on BIOS/GPT disks (same does the installer, if you try to remove it), the GRUB documentation, which describes you need it, and various online blog that generously describe how to create it. Not one bit of information described what to do to GRUB to boot it.

I've tried adding a manual grub.cfg entry to point to gpt#, # being both the biosboot partition and the root partition, but nether worked.

What is the solution here? And is the CentOS installer broken?

Henrik Morsing

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