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> Hi,
> My Phenom MOBO went kaput, PSU + PCU or MOBO duno/
> NOW only hardware daily I have is EeePC for emails, but everithing is
> Slooooooow.
> My last kernel compile was Pentium 450Mhz running Mandrake, in late
> 90ties.
> Would specific kernel compile specific to EeeePC improve speed, or is this
> mostly bloated
> desktop even LXDE?
A Raspberry Pi 4 is going to be quicker than that old thing.

I had an old PC and measured how much power it used.
I then measured how much a bottom of the range AM4 used.
After replacing the old PC with the new AM4 one, I have saved over £100 per
year on electricity.
I did the calcs before the recent price rises, so it might even be £200 by
An AM4 motherboard and ram and CPU probably costs about £300.
But it sits idle at about 60W.  Intel and AMD CPUs don't clock so low as
You can also get new laptops for < £300.

A Raspberry Pi is more like less that 5W, so even more power money is saved.

Kind Regards

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