[GLLUG] Hello, a homeuse case question (old EeePC)

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Fri Mar 25 11:02:37 UTC 2022

On Thursday, 24 March 2022 20:50:44 GMT MJ via GLLUG wrote:
> Hi,
> My Phenom MOBO went kaput, PSU + PCU or MOBO duno/
> NOW only hardware daily I have is EeePC for emails, but everithing is
> Slooooooow. My last kernel compile was Pentium 450Mhz running Mandrake, in
> late 90ties. Would specific kernel compile specific to EeeePC improve
> speed, or is this mostly bloated desktop even LXDE?
> Thanks

For a quick test of a standard "Intel" style PSU, disconnect all outputs 
including the motherboard. Supply power and the fan should not spin. 
Disconnect the power input, then insert a special tool (a U-shaped piece of 
wire cut from a  standard paper clip) into the large multi-way connector that 
normally supplies the motherboard so that it shorts the green wire to a black 
(0v) wire. Apply mains power and the fan should spin. It may make an initial 
noise indicating that the fan bearing needs oil, if so peel the adhesive label 
from the fan bearing, drop in some high quality oil (I am using oil designed 
for car automatic gearboxes), and re-cover the bearing.
The main PSU fan can also be oiled, it can usually be removed from the 
heatsink without removing the heatsink from the main processor which would 
then require a clean and fresh thermal paste.
I try to do that kind of mechanical maintenance when I shut down for a major 
software update.
Chris Bell
Website chrisbell.org.uk

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